Child, Family, Community: Socialization And Support

Noor Khan, Aniruddh Ahuja, Nishith Bhalla

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  • ISBN: AST006769

  • No. of Pages: 116

  • Imprint: Agri Horti Press

  • Publisher: Agri Horti Press

  • Year: 2025

  • Biblio: 116p., figs., tbls., ind., 25cm.,

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'1.Child Development: Explore how socialization within families and communities shapes cognitive, emotional, and social development in children.\n2.Family Dynamics: Examine the roles of parents, siblings, and extended family members in providing emotional support, guidance, and socialization.\n3.Community Influence: Investigate how community resources, institutions, and norms impact children\'s socialization experiences and support systems.\n4.Peer Relationships: Discuss the significance of peer interactions in fostering social skills, empathy, and identity formation during childhood and adolescence.\n5.Social Support Networks: Highlight the importance of supportive relationships with peers, family members, and community mentors in promoting resilience and well-being.\n6.Cultural Context: Consider how cultural values, traditions, and beliefs influence socialization practices and Read more


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