Agroforestry: A Sustainable Land Use System

Raj Kumar, Sneha Dobhal, Rakesh Banyal, Manish Kumar

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  • ISBN: AST002559

  • No. of Pages: 203

  • Imprint: Associated Publishing Company

  • Publisher: Associated Publishing Company

  • Year: 2024

  • Biblio: xi-188+iv page color Plates

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'Agroforestry is the growing of both trees and agricultural crops on the same piece of land. They are designed to provide tree and other crop products and at the same time protect, conserve, diversify and sustain vital economic, environmental, human and natural resources. Agroforestry differs from traditional forestry and agriculture by its focus on the interactions amongst components rather than just on the individual components themselves. Agroforestry is recently gained great importance nationally and internationally due to its role in providing large number of ecosystem services. This book covers all basic and applied aspect of agroforestry e.g. planning, designing, tree improvement, management, ecosystem services, climate change, industrialization, engineering and, agroforestry programmes and policy in an easy and understandable manner. The book has been prepared to serve as Read more

Table of Contents

Preface v 1. Introduction to Agroforestry 1 2. Agroforestry: Past, Present and Future 14 3. Planning and Development of Agroforestry Practices 28 4. Designing Field Experiments in Agro-forestry 38 5. Tree Management in Agroforestry 48 6. Tree Improvement in Agroforestry 62 7. Agroforestry for Carbon Sequestration and Climate Change Mitigation 73 8. Ecosystem Services of Agroforestry 82 9. Soil Health Improvement in Agroforestry 91 10. Productivity, Biomass and Carbon Storage Potentials of Agroforestry 104 11. Agroforestry for Watershed Management 119 12. Industrial Agroforestry 132 13. Utilization of Agroforestry Trees 140 14. Mechanization of Agroforestry 151 15. National Agroforestry Programs and Policy 156 References 164

About the Author/Editor

Dr Raj Kumar, Ph.D, Scientist (agroforestry) at ICAR- Central Soil Salinity Research Institute, Karnal-132001, Haryana, India. He has more than 8 years research experience in the field of forestry and agroforestry. He is specialized in agroforestry, carbon sequestration, climate change and ecological engineering. He has published more than 30 research papers in reputed national and international Journals. Beside this, he has published three books, five book chapters, three training manuals and twenty abstracts in different national and international conferences. Dr Rakesh Banyal, Ph.D in Forest Science with specialization in silviculture has more than 15 years experience in research, teaching and extension in the field of forestry and/or agroforestry. His current research areas are development of climate resilient agroforestry systems, reclamation of salt affected lands and introduction Read more


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