Animal Antibiotics

Harbhajan Maan, Leela Kaur

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  • ISBN: AST006287

  • No. of Pages: 166

  • Imprint: Agri Horti Press

  • Publisher: Agri Horti Press

  • Year: 2024

  • Biblio: viii+158p., figs., tbls., 25cm

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'The book extensively examines the use of feed antibiotics as growth promoters and disease prophylactics in animals.\nThe well-organised, easy to read, and thorough presentation covers antimicrobial drug use in livestock, as well as in companion animals.\nA valuable feature of the book is its numerous tables that provide detailed information on dosages, routes of administration and special considerations in the use of antibiotics in animals.\nUseful for veterinary practitioners working in small and large animal medicine, aquaculture and animal production, as well as veterinary students, academics and researchers. \nIt will also be of interest to those more generally involved in veterinary public health and antimicrobial resistance.'


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