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Animal Nutrition Made Easy (A Unique Blend of MCQs and Questions for Competitive Exam, NET, ICAR-ARS, etc.) (PB) by Singh, Jaswinder & Jaspal Singh Hundal
9789386200945             Rs 950.00
Satish Serial Publishing House
2019, xii+498p., tbls., 25cm
Handbook of Current Affairs & General Agriculture by Lal, Gurdeep, Rashmi Sahu, & S P Singh Solanki
9789388020336             Rs 400.00
Satish Serial Publishing House
2019., xi+185., fig., Tabl., 23cm
Objective Agriculture 3rd Revised and Enlarged edn (PB) by Chavan, U D et al
9789351249917             Rs 495.00
Daya Publishing House
Objective Poultry Science for JRF, SRF, ARS, NET, Civil Services and Other Competitive Examinations by Haunshi, Santosh
9788170357148             Rs 225.00
Daya Publishing House
2019, viii+248p., 23 cm
Objective Soil Science for SAUs and ICAR-AIEEA PG Entrance, JRF, SRF, ARS, ICAR-NET Ph.D, Civil Services and other Competitive Examination (PB) by Kadlag, Ashok D & B B Singh
9789351249894             Rs 395.00
Daya Publishing House
x+376p., 25 cm
Fundamentals of Agronomy for JRF, SRF, NET, ARS and Other Allied Exams by Gurjar, Ganesh Narayan & Sanjay Swami
9788176224444             Rs 1095.00
2019, xii+160p., tbls., 25cm
Compendium on Abbreviations in Agricultural Sciences (PB) by Lal, Sankar, Renu and Arun Kumar
9788170196136             Rs 595.00
Today & Tomorrows Printers and Publishers
2018, xii+92p., 25cm
Handbook of Competitive Biotechnology (PB) by Roy, A K et al
9788170195931             Rs 1295.00
Today & Tomorrows Printers and Publishers
viii+744p., tbls., 25cm
Question Bank on General Agriculture and Engineering (PB) by Lal, Gurdeep et al
9789386200556             Rs 550.00
Satish Serial Publishing House
x+336p., 25cm
Agricultural Extension Explorer (PB) by Ghenekar, Ashutosh et al
9789351246725             Rs 225.00
Daya Publishing House
vii+234 p., tabls., 25 cm
Agriculture at a Glance 20th Revised & Enlarged Edition (An Enhanced Competition Explorer) (PB) by Sharma, R K
9789351249481             Rs 470.00
Daya Publishing House
2018, xii+674p., tbls., 25cm
Agriculture for Competitive Examinations-IFS (Agril) (PB) by Singh, B B
9789351247944             Rs 445.00
Daya Publishing House

Guide for Agricultural Competitive Examinations 3rd Revised Edition (PB) by Maitry R S et al
9789351248200             Rs 345.00
Daya Publishing House
x+412p.,figs.,tabls., 25 cm
Horticulture at a Glance: For ICAR's Exams, SAU's entrance, JRF, SRF, NET, ARS, IARI, Ph.D (PB) by Singh, B B & D Ram
9789351247739             Rs 295.00
Daya Publishing House
xviii+344p., tabls., 25cm
Instant Agriculture Success (PB) by Singh, Atul Kumar
9789351248767             Rs 345.00
Daya Publishing House

Intellectual Property Rights: Objective Analysis (PB) by Singh, Phundan & Rajeev Singh
9789351248859             Rs 250.00
Daya Publishing House
x+192., tbls., indx., 25cm
Key Notes on Agriculture Chemistry and Soil Science (PB) by Patil, J V & U D Chavan
9789351246497             Rs 235.00
Daya Publishing House
vii+235 p., figs., tabls., 25 cm
Key Notes on Agronomy (PB) by Patil, J V, U D Chavan & V T Jadhav
9789351246503             Rs 295.00
Daya Publishing House
vii+306 p., tabls., 25 cm
Key Notes on Biochemistry and Biotechnology (PB) by Patil, J V & U D Chavan
9789351246527             Rs 235.00
Daya Publishing House
vii+246 p., fig., tabls., 25 cm
Key Notes on Genetics and Plant Breeding (PB) by Reddy, Venkata R Prakash
9789351246985             Rs 425.00
Daya Publishing House
x+480p .,figs.,tabls., 25 cm
Key Notes on Plant Biotechnology (PB) by Reddy, Venkata R. Prakash
9789351247913             Rs 395.00
Daya Publishing House
xii+402 p., 25 cm
Objective Agricultural Economics 3rd Revised Edition (PB) by Kumar, K Nirmal Ravi
9789351247487             Rs 695.00
Daya Publishing House

Objective Fisheries Science for SAUs & ICAR-AIEEA PG Entrance, JRF, SRF, ARS, ICAR-NET Ph.D, Civil Services and other Competitive Examination (PB) by Chari, M S, Sandhya Rani Gaur & Koushik Roy
9789351249160             Rs 260.00
Daya Publishing House
x+274p., 25cm
Objective Food Technology; JRF, SRF, ARS, NET (PB) by Deepika Balfour, Murali Naik Kethvethu
9789351246794             Rs 195.00
Daya Publishing House
xii+230 p., 25 cm
Plant Pathology at a Glance (PB) by Singh, R P
9789351248170             Rs 380.00
Daya Publishing House
xvi+429p., 25 cm
Question Bank on Entomology (PB) by Biswas, Supriya
9789351247548             Rs 395.00
Daya Publishing House
xiv+384p., 25cm
Question Bank on Veterinary Biochemistry (PB) by Jain, Neera
9789351249733             Rs 345.00
Daya Publishing House
2018, xii+314p., 25 cm
Veterinary at a Glance (For PG-SAUs Entrance, ICAR-IVRI, ICAR-NDRI, PhD, JRF, SRF, ARS, NET, Veterinary Officers, Civil Services and other Allied Exams) (PB) by Singh, B B et al
9789351248774             Rs 595.00
Daya Publishing House
x+694p., tbls., 25cm
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