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Astral publishes higher academic reference books in Agriculture, Science and Technology, Indian Medicine and Social Sciences. We have in-house facilities for typesetting, editing, designing, printing and distribution, manned by experire
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Astral distributes books not only in India but also globally. We have a wide network of booksellers and distributors, besides having a team of experienced marketing professionals. We promote our books through our catalogues, marketing.
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Most of our books are being made available in e-book format following standards of the industry and state-of-the-art technology. Most of our books are being made available in e-book format following standards of the industry.
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Books on North East India
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mahilaon-ke-adhikar-evam-jansanchar-sadhan By Tomar, Ishu
indian-floriculture--role-of-csir By Datta , S K
treatment-of-cancers-by-medicinal-plants By Govind Pandey
english-for-all-a-practical-manual-pb By I Dave Puffy
nutritional-value-and-health-benefits-from-fruits-vegetables-nuts-and-spices By U. D. Chavan
forest-mensuration By Donald Bruce and Francis X.
handbook-on-field-veterinary-surgery By Zama, M.M.S. et. al.
himanchal-pradesh-mei-jan-andolan-sangthan-netriatav-evam-himanchal-ke-nirman-mei-yogdan By Singh, Mahendra
medicinal-plants-phytochemistry-pharmacology-and-therapeutics-vol-4 By Gupta   Vijay Kumar
lightning-science-and-lightning-protection-some-selected-topics By Nam and Center
nutrition-for-the-family By Kassa Yesin
question-bank-of-biochemistry-pb By Nawaz Ahmad Khan,Pramila
key-notes-on-genetics-and-plant-breeding By Venkata R. Prakash Reddy
flora-of-telangana-set-of-3-volumes By Pullaiah T.
sadguru-model-of-rural-development-mitigates-climate-change-in-indias-drylands By Agoramoorthy, Govindasamy
millets-ensuring-climate-resilience-and-nutritional-security By Patil, J.V. and V. A. Tonap
electrophysiology-and-fish-behavior By Biswas, K. P.
minerals-processing-and-beneficiation By NAM S
major-constrains-and-verdict-of-crop-productivity-in-2-vols By U. N. Bhale
recent-trends-in-microbiology-mycology-and-plant-pathlogy By Lakshman, H.C.
genetics-of-livestock-population By Tomar , Arun Kumar and Toma
encyclopaedia-of-agricultural-acts-schemes-and-policies-in-10-vol-set By Vijendra Singh
layers-of-history-essays-on-the-khasi-jaintias By Syiemlieh, D R
television-evam-gramin-samudaya By Ishu Tomar
yarn-manufacture-laboratory-manual-cum-application-handbook-in-2-vols By T. Karthik, J.C. Sakthive
introductory-food-toxicology By Lokesh Kumar Mishra
home-textiles By T. Karthik, D. Gopalakris
land-use-and-environmental-resources-methods-and-management By Anil K. Gupta
capital-formation-in-indian-agriculture By Poonam Singh
plants-secondary-metabolites-and-pigments By U. D. Chavan
bio-hydrogen-energy-and-sustainable-development By Deepak Vyas
basic-experiments-in-biotechnology-pb By Ashok Kumar Rathoure, Smi
millets-nutritional-value-and-processing-technology By U. D. Chavan, J.V. Patil
encyclopaedia-of-agronomy-in-3-vols By Frankin Berner
agricultural-pests-and-their-management By Abhishek Shukla
basics-of-textile-chemical-processing By D. Gopalakrishnan, T. Kar
gramin-parivesh-mei-machli-paalan By Singh, Dr. A. K.
disaster-risk-and-impact-management-approaches-tools-and-strategies By Anil K. Gupta

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