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Astral publishes higher academic reference books in Agriculture, Science and Technology, Indian Medicine and Social Sciences. We have in-house facilities for typesetting, editing, designing, printing and distribution, manned by experire
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Astral distributes books not only in India but also globally. We have a wide network of booksellers and distributors, besides having a team of experienced marketing professionals. We promote our books through our catalogues, marketing.
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Most of our books are being made available in e-book format following standards of the industry and state-of-the-art technology. Most of our books are being made available in e-book format following standards of the industry.
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Books on North East India

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millets-nutritional-value-and-processing-technology By Chavan, U. D. and Patil, J.
transferring-nanotechnology-concept-towards-business-perspectives By Nam and Center
mushroom-a-nutritive-food-and-its-cultivation By Borkar, and S.G. Patil, Nis
production-and-processing-of-litchi-longan-and-rambutan By Kumar, Rajesh and Dutt, Som
organic-farming-concepts-application-and-advances By Chand, Subhash
manual-on-pregnancy-labour-and-puerperium-pb By Bashir, Rafiqa
poshan-surakhsha-hetu-paushtik-vyanjan By Gupta, Shakuntala
medicinal-plants-phytochemistry-pharmacology-and-therapeutics-vol-4 By Gupta, V. K.
arbuscular-mycorrhizal-fungi-in-fruit-crop-production By Mohandas, Sukhada
yarn-manufacture-laboratory-manual-cum-application-handbook-in-2-vols By Karthik, T. and Sakthivel,
natural-products-research-reviews-vol-3 By Gupta, V. K.
natural-economic-products-an-encyclopaedia-set-of-11-vols By Kumar, Arvind , Singh, B.
natural-products-research-reviews-vol-4 By Gupta, V. K.
digital-library-development-and-services By Francis, A. T. and  Mathew,
temperate-fruits-and-nuts-a-way-forward-for-enhancing-productivity-and-quality By Chadha, K. L.
biodiversity-in-india-vol-8 By Pullaiah, T. ,  Rani, S.
question-bank-of-microbiology-pb By Kumar, Adesh , Singh, Sus
plant-health-managmenet-for-food-security-issues-and-approaches By Katti, Gururaj et. al.
question-bank-on-entomology By Biswas, Supriya
utilisation-and-management-of-medicinal-plants-vol-3 By Gupta, V. K.
experimental-and-analytical-bakery-pb By Sharma, Dipiti
fittings-and-fixtures By Vinay, Deepa and Singh, Div
recent-advances-in-crop-physiology-vol-2 By Singh, Amrit Lal
biotechnology-progress-and-applications By Hameed, Saif and Fatima, Ze
introduction-to-intellectual-property-rights By Singh, Phundan
analysis-of-agricultural-subsidies-in-india By Kaur, Rajwinder
agrometeorological-approach-to-sustainable-agriculture By Mishra, R.S. and Bahadur, R
effect-of-cort-programme-on-critical-thinking By Kumar, Rajesh , Gupta, V.
fundamentals-of-electronics By Singh, Devendra
bio-hydrogen-energy-and-sustainable-development By Deepak Vyas, Rajan Kumar
fittings-and-fixtures By Vinay, Deepa and Singh, Div
principles-of-biometrical-genetics By Kute , Nandakumar and Shind
the-2003-invasion-of-iraq-a-study-of-the-pre-emptive-use-of-force-and-just-war By Chaudhary, Aparna
topological-modeling-and-drug-designing By Dheeraj Mandloi
dryland-fruit-crops By Kadlag, A.D.
jaintia-oral-narratives By Lamare, Shobhan N.

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